Hamburger Evron & Co.

Africa Department

During the recent years, African countries have become a highly important target market for Israeli businessmen. With many inherent benefits ranging from economic growth, increasing GNP and international financing sources to natural resources and inexpensive manpower, the African continent is becoming ever-more attractive.

Adding the political desire of many African countries to open the gates for foreign investments and companies, there is little wonder why the African continent attracts the attention of businessmen and corporations worldwide.

Hamburger Evron & Co. represents Israeli clients for many years in their worldwide activities, among others in various African countries. The firm's activities in this practice field include representation of commercial companies and businessmen in various matters, inter alia, commercial transactions, infrastructure projects, energy ventures and others.

The firm specializes in legal representation in African countries based upon its vast knowledge and know-how in the international commercial arena and the experience of its attorneys in transactions and ventures in various African countries.

Heading the firm's Africa department is Adv. Steven Berelowitz (Link), a partner at Hamburger Evron & Co. Native to South Africa, Steven specializes in international transactions and has gained vast experience in commercial transactions and ventures overseas, with particular expertise in Eastern Europe and Africa countries.

Steven is well-regarded for his experience in vast legal aspects of commercial transactions enhanced by a close working relationship with businessmen, attorneys, organizations and entrepreneurs in different developing markets around the world.

The team of Hamburger Evron & Co.'s Africa Department believes in customized, personal and timely legal advice, minutely adapted to the specific requirements of its clients.

Our firm prides itself on the ability to service a wide spectrum of business ventures in Africa, holding notable expertise in fields like energy and infrastructure, finance, agriculture, security, cyber and others.