Hamburger Evron & Co.

Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) department at Hamburger Evron& Co. provides its clients with a wide range of efficient creative full- solutions for all kinds of commercial disputes. The department relies on the belief, that resolving of legal disputes outside court walls is likely to achieve the optimal result for all involved parties.


The department's team, which evolved from our litigation department, gained extensive experience in managing deep and complex commercial disputes, inter alia in; real estate, contractual disputes, financial lawsuits, partnership disputes, IP, banking, insolvency, inheritance struggles, private capital disputes and more.


Placing our client's interest as a leading value, our team offers the possibility of resolving all kinds of commercial disputes in a fair, accelerated and discrete process. Our clients enjoy from tailor-made treatment, which simplifies the traditional legal process, saves the aggravation of controversy, reduces expenses and prevents reputation damages that usually accompanies the regular process.


The head of the department is Adv. Gabriel (Gabi) Moyal-Maor (link), a senior partner at the firm, who obtained comprehensive experience through years of resolving different commercial disputes. Gabi is a prominent and appreciated attorney in the field of litigation. Among his clients are some of the leading entities in the Israeli economy including; Banks, major corporations and holding companies, so as private entrepreneurs and more.


Gabi is a senior arbitrator and mediator, and well-known for successfully handling complex disputes between powerful parties.


Nowadays, Gabi serves as chairman of the ethics committee of the Israeli Bar Association in Tel Aviv district, and previously served as chairman of the arbitration and mediation committee, in the same district.


Our department provides its clients with a modern, dynamic toolbox for disputes resolving. The dept. team is consistently aiming for a successful, accelerated process, in order to allow the parties to maintain their commercial relationship in the future, or to end it in a good manner.

Our firm believes that the insertion and assimilation of arbitration, mediation and ADR processes, based on mutual cooperation between the parties of the dispute, will lead to the optimum outcome for them in the present, and will create a mutual trust relationship in the future.