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Amnon Sorek

Adv. Amnon Sorek is a senior partner at Hamburger Evron & Co. and a member of the executive board of the firm.


Amnon is a multidisciplinary lawyer specializing in commercial law, with an emphasis on transactions, M&A, real estate transactions and complicated contracts. Amnon is a partner in the real estate, commercial law and the international transactions departments.


Amnon works closely with entrepreneurs and provides legal consultation throughout the company's circle of life, including every aspect of financing and taxation.


In addition, Amnon is a well known attorney in the Israeli real estate market for the past few decades, and Amnon is currently representing entrepreneurs and leading real estate companies in complex building projects (i.e.: Skyscrapers and residential towers).


In the field of litigation, Amnon has taken an important part in Supreme Court's precedential rulings on matters of intellectual property rights in cable broadcasting and additional precedents regarding taxation. Amnon is well known for his excellent negotiation skills.


During his years as a student, in the 80's, Amnon served as partner and marketing manager in a software company, and dealt with developing and marketing at the beginning of the personal computers era. This unique experience developed Amnon's logical thinking, which assists him on complicated transactions until this very day.


Amnon's style of legal consultation enables him to provide his clients with business as well as legal counseling and to assist them in carefully engaging business procedures, with minimal legal exposure and with understanding the strengths and the weaknesses the opposing party.


Amnon is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Law Faculty (LL.B), and a member of Tel Aviv University's association of friends of the Center of Citizen's Empowerment's Government Stabilization Forum. In addition, he has been an active member for the past 20 years at the Youth Renewal Fund, in which he serves as the fund's chairman.



Amnon Sorek


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