Hamburger Evron & Co.

Corporate M&A

Hamburger Evron & Co. represents a wide variety of corporations, including part of the major groups and conglomerates in Israel, and provides them with complete extensive legal consultation throughout the corporations' life, from its foundation, through partnership and joint ventures, continuous and daily consultation on all corporate matters (including labor law), to public issuing of the corporate stocks.

In addition, the firm's attorneys represent corporations and investors in private placments, shares transactions, M&A, restructuring changes, shareholders disputes, antitrust cases, class actions and derivative suits.

The corporate field of practice combines complex issues, along with maximizing the clients' advantages while using the client's top hand position, all in all, in legal representation which doesn't deal only with the present, but also considers legal mechanisms that may protect the clients' interests in the future.

The legal consultation provided to the firm's clients affect all corporation aspects, large or small- from building  legal infrastructure for supporting the strategic maneuvers of the corporate, to the smallest nuances. The consultation includes, inter alia, editing share purchasing agreements and shareholder agreements, due diligence procedures, planning options to employees and more.

The firm specializes in corporate governance, an area directly linked to the way the corporate is being managed. The corporation is obligated to perform according to the requirements of the law (i.e.: maintaining directorate's committees, internal inquiry committees, and so forth), to make rational decisions and in accordance with the relevant regulation, and to provide response to matter in the core of the corporate actions, including transactions involving stakeholders and holders of controlling interest.

Beyond the extensive legal representation provided to the clients on these matters, our lawyers often provide their professional opinion to shareholders and directorates.