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Dor Shacham

Adv. Dor Shacham is the managing partner at Hamburger Evron & Co., a member of the executive board of the firm and a leading partner in the firm's real estate department.


Dor has extensive experience in real estate law, planning & zoning law, corporate law, litigation and commercial law. He is a partner at the real estate department and at the same time sees great importance in practicing conventional commercial litigation, which significantly contributes to thinking processes and to professionalism in handling commercial real estate transactions.


Dor has accumulated experience by managing dozens of complicated real estate projects with an emphasis on residential projects and commercial real estate. Dor is skilled in handling all aspects of real estate transactions: from initial plans, through negotiations, various contracts (selling agreements, suppliers' contracts, registration in the land registry office etc.) and final stages of construction. Dor's experience and expertise in these fields of practice enables him to handle complicated real estate transactions and to manage litigations on behalf of his clients in all of the relevant instances.


Inter alia, Dor holds a unique expertise in evacuation-building projects, urban renewal processes embodying benefits and added value to property owners, entrepreneurs and the city itself.


Dor is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law (LL.B), 1991



Dor Shacham


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