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Gabriel (Gabi) Moyal-Maor is a senior partner at Hamburger Evron & Co., considered an expert in commercial litigation and lead the Arbitration, Mediation and ADR practices at our firm.

Gabi deals with complex litigation cases in various instances and arbitration panels. Gabi specialized mainly in civil and commercial law, including; Banking, Corporate law, Intellectual Property, Antitrust, Securities, Real Estate and Inheritance issues. During his years of practice, Gabi gained a prestigious reputation as a leading and influencing litigator, arbitrator and mediator. Responsible for numerous successful commercial disputes resolution, as well as several important legal precedents.

Nowadays, Gabi serves as chairman of the ethics committee of the Israeli Bar Association in Tel Aviv district, and previously served as chairman of the arbitration and mediation committee, in the same district.

Gabi represents various clients in big litigation procedures, and lead major cases of bankruptcy and company insolvency. For his extensive commercial experience, Gabi occasionally appointed by court as a fiduciary of the company involved in the legal procedure.

Among leading cases, which were handled by Gabi in recent years, are the following:

  • Representation of prominent corporation in a commercial large-scale lawsuit.

  • Representation of major Banks in a variety of precedential law suits, including the famous case in which the court examine the bank's responsibilities as a lender. As well as in matters of both business and private credit debtors.

  • Representation of pharmaceutical company in a precedential lawsuit, concerning the breach of a license agreement apropos clinic experiments.

  • Representation of some of the most influencing and leading families in Israel on high inheritance legal struggles.

  • Representation in complex lawsuits apropos shareholder's disputes.

  • A mediator in different complicated commercial disputes, including; Franchising, Real estate Purchasing Groups, Financials, Partnership disputes and more.

Throughout years, Gabi led and participated in numerous legal precedents, part of them were conducted in Israel Supreme Court.

Gabi graduated commercial law (L.L.M, summa com laude) from Tel Aviv University (in cooperation with the University of California, Berkley), and graduated from Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law (L.L.B).



Gabriel Moyal


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