Hamburger Evron & Co.

High Tech and Life Sciences

Hamburger Evron & Co. has years of experience in matters related to technology and life sciences. and since the past decade the firm has been proudly representing many corporations and private investors from the top of the technology sector in Israel, as well as institutional investors in a variety of financial and investment transactions in these areas.

The high tech and life sciences department consult companies from the early stages of entrepreneurship to the initial idea, to forming a startup company in its pre seed levels and in its seed levels, the foundation of the company and the continuous legal services it provides to the company.

The department provides startup companies with legal consultation throughout all research and development stages both on day-to-day levels and long term strategy.

Inter alia, the firm assists entrepreneurs in founding companies, planning their capital structure, in financial matters and in creating international strategic alliances and other business cooperation. In addition, the firm represents several venture capital funds and technology companies, and is considered as an expert in technology law, especially in matters related to R&D, licensing and transferring technology.

A special emphasis is put on planning strategies for developing and preserving intellectual property assets, an acute element in the distinction of startup companies. The department's lawyers provide the corporation with an initial response in the form of patent registering, and counseling on presenting and building the company's IP component.

Legally protecting the company's IP component begins with an NDA (non disclosure agreement), continues on to evaluation of licensing agreements, and transfer agreements, to licensing and contribution agreements. When completing the IP protection phase, the firm handles  the IP commercialization, including collecting payments on an advancement basis, royalties and supporting the company through negotiations with academic institutes in order to obtain permission to use existing technologies or to develop cooperations for solving complicated technological problems.

In addition, the firm takes an active role in managing business negotiations, structure planning and creating agreements, along with inherent involvement in the companies' day to day business, including consulting to entrepreneurs and company's management on every level of the entity cycle of life, including corporate issues, financing issues, venture capital, exit strategies and changing structures in the corporation.