Hamburger Evron & Co.

Legal internship at Hamburger Evron & Co.

The internship program at Hamburger Evron & Co. allows law school graduates the opportunity to take part in a variety of interesting and challenging legal assignments under the guidance of the firm's attorneys, in a professional and pleasant working environment.

The internship method at Hamburger Evron & Co.

The legal interns at Hamburger Evron & Co. work in the method known in Israel as "the pool"- the interns are assigned to the firm's partners in different practice areas and in various departments of the firm, in order to work on specific cases. As a result, the interns benefit from the exposure to a variety of practice areas and are exposed to the experience and professionalism of several partners and associates.

The interns are an integral part of the legal team (usually composed of a partner, associate and a legal intern) assigned to a case, and are fully involved in the ongoing work.

Within this framework, the interns actively participate in meetings with clients, in internal consultations and brainstorming regarding the optimal strategy and methods of legal work on the various cases. As part of their tasks the interns perform legal research as well as professional legal work (i.e.: articulation of statements of claims and defense, motions, agreements etc.) and accompany the attorneys to the court hearings.

The function of the legal intern at the firm

The interns are considered to be an important and essential part of the firm, being the next generation of the firm's team. The intern quickly becomes an integral part of the legal team, and will be fully involved in interesting and challenging legal work. 

The legal interns at Hamburger Evron & Co. quickly discover that the amount and the characteristics of their work are influenced by their skills and their willingness to work hard.

The legal interns are expect to express their opinions - good and creative ideas will likely be part of the legal statements, and many interns influence the method of the legal work on the case.

Why is an internship at Hamburger Evron & Co. worthwhile?

  • Feedback and progress- during the year of the internship, interns meetings are held every few months, and personal feedback is given once per quarter. The firm's management regulates the flow of work of the interns and their training, and functions as the address to their needs. The trainers provide answers to problems that may arise during the year of the internship.

  • Professional knowledge- the firm provides the interns with the ideal tools for their entrance into the legal profession. The firm's facilities include a large legal library that owns subscriptions to all of the leading legal databases. In addition, the firm employs a large administrative team in order to allow the legal personnel to focus on the legal work exclusively.

  • Social activities- as a result of the firm's concern regarding its employees' welfare the firm occasionally organizes activities for its employees, including vacations abroad for the entire firm, joint social events, festival celebrations, holidays and many additional social activities.

  • Pleasant working atmosphere- the firm is outstanding in its warm and familial atmosphere, as well as in the direct connection between the various members of the firm. The doors of the firm's partners are always open for questions and consultation regarding any matter.

  • The possibility of interns to remain at the firm- virtually all of the firm's partners and associates whowork in the firm today performed their internship at the firm. The firm considers the interns as potential lawyers, and those who will match to the firm's needs and spirit will be given a chance to become lawyers in the firm at the end of their internship.