Hamburger Evron & Co.


Litigation is one of the main fields of practice in Hamburger Evron & Co. Over the years, the firm achieved a reputation of excellence in litigation, as a result of the punctilious, high quality management of litigation cases, and as a result of maintaining the highest standards of service.

Since the founding of the firm, its attorneys considered developing their litigation skills as a top priority, along with gathering legal professionalism in different fields of the law. As a result, the firm's lawyers implement diverse and extensive experience when representing clients before Israeli courts, tribunals and arbitration panels.

The firm's meticulous management of its cases lead to substantial achievements, including high profile cases that raised public debates, which resulted in precedential rulings with extensive implications, that built the firm's reputation of excellence and placed it in the first tier of the Israeli law firms among the Israeli business and legal communities.

Among others, the firm was involved in the Supreme Court's ruling on the inherent authority for procedural remedy, a precedential ruling on the classification of creditors for debt arrangements and was involved in a legal precedent regarding the court's interference in the discretion of a fiduciary in a creditor arrangement.

The firm provides litigation services in the most of the administrative, civil and commercial law, with a specific expertise in banking law and financial claims (including debt recovery, bankruptcy, insolvency and liquidation), as well as real estate, planning & zoning, tenders law, class actions, business and commercial law, corporations, capital market and securities, shareholders disputes, intellectual property, inheritance law, antitrust and labor law.

The firm has a unique expertise in banking litigation. The firm provides legal representation to the vast majority of commercial banks in Israel on a diverse range of matters, including high profile law suits, precedential prosecutions regarding bank liabilities, negligence, the extent of bank guarantees, representation of banks and receivers and many more.