Hamburger Evron & Co.

Our Legend

Hamburger Evron & Co. was founded in 1928 by the late Adv. Arie Hamburger.

Since the 70's, the firm was headed by the late Adv. Amnon Evron, who was recognized as one of the leading lawyers in Israel in the fields of commercial law, and was renowned as an expert lawyer and a gifted litigator. In addition to his legal activities, Adv. Evron was a member on the board of the international Arthur Rubinstein Voluntary association, and was a board member of the new Israeli opera association.

In 7.2.2006, Adv. Shai Pines, the current head of Hamburger Evron & Co., eulogized the late Adv. Evron with those words:

"Amnon was a rare, extraordinary person. His personality was an exceptional combination of nobility and humbleness, of leadership and of a top professional authority on one hand, and of respecting others' opinions, senior and junior as one, on the other. He was a person of somewhat disorder, and at the same time, employed a uniquely organized and coherent way of thinking.

It wasn't easy to penetrate Amnon's shield, but those who managed to do so, discovered a wonderful combination of natural, straightforward friendship, a bright, creative and imaginative mind, gifted with sharp analytical thinking, and immeasurable professional knowledge, that sent us, over and over again, to the library, to find the court rulings that you used to cite to us, and always remembering who wrote it and when it was published.  


You endowed us with endless professional and personal rules, which were and will always be part of us. We loved to consult with you. We knew that whenever we enter your office, not only will you be glad to listen, to guide and to give good advice, but you will also help us analyze the questions at hand with that rare skills you had, which I have never seen anyone else possess.

And we weren’t the only ones that used to consult with you. We saw the elite of the lawyers in the country more than once and more than twice, those whose advice fill the newspapers, come to you for a good piece of advice, guidance, help and directing.

And I haven't said anything yet about your love and passion to the arts, the music; and your wonderful language skills which were combined with your peerless articulate speech abilities; and your passion to study more and more languages and to visit new and old places.

But then, the poetry of your life ended… and you, my friend, had many songs to sing…"


Adv. Evron passed away in 2006, and the office honors his legacy with an annual conference in his memory, which combines matters of commercial law and the cultural life in Israel. We look at the past with a feeling of honor and appreciation, and we look forward into the future of Hamburger Evron & Co., which goes hand by hand with the economical and commercial activity of the state of Israel, and we are eager to continue to mark our firm's name in Israel's legal history.