Hamburger Evron & Co.

Projects & Infrastracture

The experience accumulated by the firm in this extensive field of practice, along with the firm's in-depth familiarity with real estate bids and infrastructure bids and acquaintance with the Israeli banking system, is implemented by efficient legal representation in the financial-fiscal level, and through understanding of the legal know-how in the establishment process of large scale projects.

The advantages of this concept are proven in a series of successful involvements in some of the most important projects to the Israeli economy in recent years, Inter alia, the firm's involvement with Highway 6 project, several desalination projects and the representation of Israeli Railways company, in a unique design-build bid, a future project which will be one of Israel's largest infrastructure projects.

The firm's projects and infrastructure department often provides the firm's clients with legal advice in cooperation with the planning & zoning department, which represents important entrepreneurs and leading corporations on elaborate plans and transactions on all relevant procedures- programs promotion, national master plans in the infrastructure, residence and commercial fields (including gas, train, desalination), administrative matters and more.

The firm provides its legal services in this field to a wide range of clients. Services includes legal advice on projects, submitting appeals to relevant committees, handling procedures before municipal committees, administrative appeals before the Supreme Court and more.