Hamburger Evron & Co.

  • 22.05.2013, BDI’s annual ranking of real estate law firms presents the leading firms in this practice field, The Marker

The rankings are based on the firm's business activities and on interviews with the firms senior partners and heads of the relevant departments.

A list of firms that specialize specifically in real estate transactions and in Planning & Construction has been added to BDI’s ranking this year.

The business information company of BDI published a list of the leading real estate law firms. Unlike previous years, this year BDI’s list was divided to different real estate categories: One category for the big real estate firms that specialize in Planning & Construction transactions, and another category for niche law firms that specialize in one of the two, either planning or construction. Another category was for big firms that provide real estate services among many other legal services.

One of the leading firms in the list is Hamburger Evron & Co. BDI’s law firms ranking is based on the firms' business activity and on their representation of major business bodies. To create the ranking, BDI’s staff receive from the firms information regarding projects and transactions in which they were involved, their clients, precedential and important rulings and general activity.


Head of planning & construction department: Adv. Haim Weintraub. 

Number of advocates in the department: Two Co-Partners and six advocates.

Firm’s most senior client: Abraham Rubinstein LTD., since 1987

What was your first apartment? A 4 rooms apartment in Herzlyia. 

What do you recommend to a young couple interested in buying an apartment? They should buy the apartment as soon as possible, even if by doing so they will have to look for apartments outside of the center of Israel. 

Your recommendation to the government? Promote affordable housing legislation