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  • 21.05.2013, 10.03.2013, The Israeli company TheraCoat raised $ 7 million, Calcalist


  • 10.03.2013, The Court: The JNF, the ILA and Yachin Hakal did not misappropriate land from Holocaust victims * Judge Ahikam Stoller dismissed a lawsuit filed by the heirs of a family that perished in the Holocaust, who claimed that 20 dunams of land purchased by the family in Emek Hefer in 1935 had been stolen from them, Globes


  • 04.03.2013, Sufrin Group has purchased land at a cost of 70 million shekels, Globes


  • 30.11.2012, Achievement for Tiv Taam..., Yediot Ramat Gan


  • 13.11.2012, A temporary settlement in a lawsuit regarding the import of Bacardi Breezer, Calcalist


  • 31.10.2012, After imposition of the restrictions, Banking heads called in for discussion on the issue of mortgages, Ma'ariv


  • 29.10.2012, 2A UK Resident purchased a duplex in the city of Netanya for NIS 7 million, Ma'ariv


  • 16.10.2012, Adv. Steven Berelowitz, a partner at Hamburger Evron & Co., is the Israeli jurisdiction author in the international magazine of 'Getting the Deal Through', in the magazine's edition of foreign investments.


  • 10.10.2012, Six lawyers joined Hamburger Evron & Co, Calcalist


  • 26.08.2012, Holyland Park Denies All Charges: "The indictment is vague", Globes


  • Adv. Shai Pines ranked at a leading Israeli M&A attorneys by Legal Experts (2012)


  • 15.08.2012, Adv. Steven Berelowitz represented the Israeli start up Bizzabo in a $1.5 million capital raising, Yediot Aharonot


  • 01.08.2012, Hamburger Evron & Co. law firm was chosen as "Israel's Best Real Estate Law Firm of the Year"…, Yediot Aharonot


  • 09.07.2012, Eyal Berkovitz v. Tempo: filed a claim with the Execution Office against the Company for unpaid debt balance of NIS 290 million, Globes


  • 14.06.2012, Reform is dying, construction permits are held up, Calcalist


  • 08.04.2012, "We don't want lawyers to receive fees of a kilogram of meat and poultry", The Marker


  • 04.04.2012, Although Inbal Or's project is in doubt, residents are being evacuated, Globes


  • 15.03.2012, The Banks in discussions to transfer apartment sales law guarantees to insurance companies to increase the amount of credit for projects, Ma'ariv


  • 14.03.2012, Looking for annual yields of 20%? Invest in a shop, YNet


  • 08.03.2012, HE&Co. ranking in Dun's 100 for 2012 far outranks actual size, Duns's 100


  • 06.03.2012, It Is affordable, Attorney Amnon Sorek, Ma'ariv


  • 22.02.2012, Petition denied to close Tiv-Ta'am and AM:PM shops on the Sabbath, Globes


  • 17.02.2012, We Won The Country! ,Yediot Aharonot


  • 06.02.2012, The Banks a concerned-no funding would be given today to build luxury towers in Tel Aviv ,Ma'ariv Asakim


  • 25.01.2012, Accompanying Bank bears no liability for Sub-Contractors, Maariv


  • 03.01.12, Tempo is to compensate Eyal Berkovic, Globes

  • 01.01.2012, Israeli Tax Authority extends tax benefit for realty sellers, Ma'ariv nrg
  • 27.12.2011, How to disqualify a presiding judge?, The Marker
  • 25.12.2011, Hamburger Evron represents Rubinstein Real Estate in a 110 million NIS transaction, The Marker


  • 12.12.2011, Teva conducted an unethical experiment in humans in order to protect Copaxone, The-Marker

  • 05.12.2011, Adv. Gabriel Moyal-Maor was appointed to chairman of the comission for binding and non-binding arbitration, Calcalist
  • 27.11.2011, The members of the Knesset members have no responsibility they can suggest everything, Calcalist

  • 03.10.2011, Hamburger Evron at the park, Calcalist
  • 01.09.2011, "Tax as you can", Calcalist
  • 29.08.2011, We hereby sepearated, Globes


26.08.2011, If the social protest will not be translated to political power, it's not likely to succeed, Globes

  • 29.07.2011, Law suit against the Municipality of Bat Yam to return millions of Shekels was rejected by the Supreme court, Zman Holon Bat Yam
  • 28.07.2011, The municipality of Bat Yam will not return 20 million NIS..., Calcalist
  • 02.05.2011, Cracks in Teva's shell of discretion, The-Marker
  • 17.04.2011, The supreme court will discuss a petition against the evacuation of the gas farms at Beer Sheva, Calcalist
  • 25.03.2011, Skyscrapers in the air: About the importance of possessing building permission before purchasing an apartment, The-Marker 
  • 31.01.2011, The Merchants' objections has been rejected: IKEA branch will be built in Kiryat Ata, The-Marker 

  • 31.01.2011, The road towards a new IKEA branch in Kiryat Ata has been paved, Globes


  • 30.01.2011, "Green Light" to the new IKEA branch at Kiryat Ata, The-Marker


  • 04.01.2011, What do law firms seek in your C.V?, The-Marker

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